Research Reveals Location Of Least Sexually Satisfied Women In The World, Most Sexually Active Men

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A new study has revealed that heterosexual women in South Africa are the least sexually satisfied women in the world.

The new study which was conducted by a dating website, Victoria Milan, revealed that men in countries including Denmark, USA, Finland, Canada and Sweden spend as much as 44 minutes pleasuring their women for full sexual satisfaction.

The report further noted that women in South Africa however get a meager 15 minutes of pleasure from their men during sexual intercourse.

The time allotted to sexual satisfaction of the South African women is however 4 minutes less than the total average time spend pleasuring women in other parts of the world.

The study further revealed that South African women in their majority do not get sex more than once or twice a week.

The study revealed the top five sexually active places in the world according to the satisfaction of the women to include: Denmark, USA, Finland, Canada, and Sweden.

Speaking on the study, the founder and CEO of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal stated that “it takes a real man to recognize and satisfy the sexual appetite of a woman. A common mistake is thinking that men aren’t sexually satisfied and will stray – it actually works both ways. Keeping a confident, beautiful and independent woman exclusively in your bed is no easy task, and hero husbands will put as much time as it takes into keeping the lust levels licked.”

The new study was reported to have based its results on 6,117 of its female members.

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