Bimmer Road Beast: The BMW M2 CS Is Everything To Shop For

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Arguably the best line from the automobile designer and manufacturer, the BMW M2 line is one of the best creations from the tech company.

Coming from the best line ever released by the company is the BMW M2 CS which looks to be taking the shine off the likes of the 1 Series M and the E46 M3.

The M2 CS comes into play with a two-door design, although not the best thought out plan especially for fans of a 4-door vehicle, the car brings a whole new definition to perfection.

The new line however surpasses its predecessor in the aspect of an engine swap as the M2 CS comes with a whole new engine and also a driver-friendly version of its track-ready variant.

The car comes with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged M3 engine along with 402 horsepower although it sheds 55 pounds according to the the manufacturer.

The BMW M2 CS is expected to go on sale soon.

Watch video below:

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