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Secret Service Arrest man who wants to marry Malia Obama

The Secret Service officers attached to Malia Obama arrested and briefly detained a stalker who stormed Malia’s place of work to make her a marriage proposal.

According to TMZ, the man who has been identified as Jair Nilton Cardoso is reportedly an offender who has severally attempted to break into the White House.

Earlier in April, he appeared at the Weinstein Company offices in Manhattan, where Malia is interning, and held up a placard which said “Will you marry me?” against the office.

Cardoso got kicked out by the Secret Service, but the stalker returned again days later outside another building where Malia was working, and when he was recognized, the officers attached to Malia arrested him.

TMZ says Cardoso was briefly detained. Following a series of questioning, the agency recommended him for psychiatric evaluation, and they bundled him to a hospital. He was not charged with a crime.

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