See How Lagos Girl Scammed Young Boy over Valentine Day’s Meeting

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While Valentine’s day is a day popularly set aside for lovers to spend time with each other it is also a day when new couples get to see each other for the first time.

First-time meetings are usually a beautiful sight to behold, with the cuddling, holding of hands, quiet giggling and mushy talks.

However, on one or two occasions, first-time meetings could be disasters as with the case of this young man who was scammed by a Lagos girl he had been toasting for some time.

He said; ” Guy’s please help me o. This would have been a sweet hoe story but the babe decided to fuck it up. I was talking to this babe for a while and decided to take her out as per Valentine’s day.

We went to Mega Chicken to eat, ordered food and started to eat, when started to play with my hand. She removed my watch, wore it and we were just playing with it, then she went out to pick a call. Next thing I saw her boarding a bike and she had left. I tried to run towards her but they had already left. I went back to check her bag but it was empty with only folded newspapers in it.

He also added “It wouldn’t have been really painful if the wristwatch wasn’t borrowed from my flatmate. I am tired of Lagos girls honestly.”

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