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South African cancer survivor, shares photos to create awareness

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In Commemoration of the Breast Cancer awareness month, which is held annually in the month of October, South African fashion entrepreneur, Nomalanga Nyanda, went on to share her photo and struggles of pain and triumph.

The entrepreneur who started  Abanti Creations revealed that her cancer was discovered at an advanced stage, hence treatment was rushed and she started her cycles of chemotherapy on the 12th of January, 2015.

Nyanda, shared her struggle in an online post, explaining how she dealt with her body change during the treatment which came with nausea, committing, hair loss and many other symptoms.

She also urged people to show support to cancer patients, as it goes a long way to help them come out of their dark moment. Nyanda further added that her family went on to cut their hair to support her.

The young lady is as healthy as can be after one of her breasts was removed as she went through several rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.

Read her story below



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