Stephanie Otobo Makes Another Shocking Move Against Apostle Suleman In Canada (Photos)

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The last is yet to be heard of the alleged sex scandal case involving the Omega Fire Ministries, OFM, founder and lead pastor, Apostle Suleman and his alleged mistress, Stephanie Otobo.

Latest report regarding the alleged sex scandal case indicate that the Canada-based Nigerian lady alleged to be the cleric’s mistress has filed a fresh $5 million lawsuit against the cleric in Canada.

According to document obtained by Sahara Reporter, the songstress who had earlier alleged that the cleric made an attempt on her life to cover up his sex scandal with her filed the suit in a letter dated April 19 2017 with case file number CV-17-573595.

The letter, signed by the Registrar of the Ontario Superior Court and addressed to Apostle Suleman’s Ontario residence demands the sum of $5 million from the cleric on grounds of breach of trust, breach of fiduciary relations, breach of contract, negligence, defamation, poisoning, intentional and negligent infliction of emotional stress, forcible confinement, multiple instances of battery, false imprisonment, fraud, assaults, sexual assaults, sexual harassment, harassment and malicious prosecution. ‘

Stephanie Otobo further in the lawsuit demanded a restraining order against Apostle Suleman which will henceforth bar all communications and contacts, directly or indirectly and also a 500 meters threshold limit.

The cleric, Apostle Suleman, according to the Canadian law is expected to file his statement of defence before the lapse of 40 days.

See copy of the lawsuit filed against the cleric below:

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