Teacher Strips Naked In School, Tries To Rape Female Student

A teacher in a school in China shocked students when he stripped naked and tried to rape an unsuspecting female student.

In photos that have gone viral on Chinese social media, the teacher identified simply as Hou pinned a female student to the wall, having wrapped her in a bear’s hug, as shocked students looked on in amazement.

The teacher, a laboratory caretaker at the Taiping Middle School in South China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, is believed to have battled with a history of mental disorder.

It took the intervention of other teachers in the school to subdue Hou and rescue the hapless student.

Police said the suspect had been suffering from mental illness since 2011 but doctors said he would have been fine had the illness not returned two years ago.

He has since been detained, while the girl has been taken in for psychological evaluation, having reported no sign of physical pain.


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