Tech Glitch: Tesla Crashes Due To AutoPilot Malfunction

A dashboard camera footage which surfaced online has sparked media outrage as regards safety of Tesla autopilot users after one of the vehicles crashed into a road barrier.

The vehicle which suffered a tech glitch failed to identify the lane shift on a Texas highway which resulted in it crashing into a barrier.

Reports indicated that the driver of the Tesla had activated the Autopilot feature which took controls of the steering as the footage showed no brakes applied during the car’s vying off the road.

However, following the crash, the car managed to pull over with none of its passengers injured.

The latest crash comes in line with Tesla’s warning to drivers to keep both their hands on the steering wheel at all times even with the Autopilot mode activated adding that the autopilot mode is aimed at assisting drivers and not a total substitute.

Watch video below:

Owolabi Oluwasegun

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