Chicago Hotel Death: No video Footage of Kenneka Jenkins walking into Freezer

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The management of Chicago hotel, where Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in a hotel freezer, have released a statement saying that they had no video coverage showing the 16-year-old walking into the freezer.

Initial reports circulating the media as well as a video, had showed the young lady walking into an unused kitchen as well as the freezer where she was found dead.

Contrary to reports, Chicago hotel, released a 36-hour CCTV footage of Kenneka touring the hotel, walking out of an elevator, down hallways, and even the kitchen but nowhere near the freezer.

Kenneka Jenkins, who was out partying with friends in a 9th-floor hotel room on Friday September 8,had gone missing early hours of Saturday.

When a search was initiated to locate the young lady’s whereabouts, her lifeless body was found in a freezer on the lower conference level of the Crowne Plaza O’Hare Hotel and Conference Center in Rosemount, Illinois on Sunday, September 10.

Jenkins’s death has sparked conspiracy theories and wild accusations online of body organ harvesting and multiple suspects pursuing Jenkins.

Someone recently shot a video using the same type of freezer to prove that there is no way a drunk Kenneka could have opened it, got in, and shut herself because the freezer can only be shut from outside, thereby insinuating that someone closed her in.

One theory that keeps being repeated is that someone snatched her as she walked through the kitchen and led her into the freezer. But no one else was seen in the camera entering or leaving the kitchen area.

Police investigations into the case, had revealed that Jenkins was intoxicated after having a nice time out and probably walked into the freezer herself but have also announced it would continue on the Case to unravel the mystery of her death.

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