The Great Fall: David Beckham slips over taking free-kick in China (Photos)

David Beckham is on a five-day ambassadorial visit to China.

On Friday, Beckham slipped while showing a group of young Chinese soccer players how to take a free kick.

The 37-year-old muddied an expensive-looking suit – not to mention his reputation and ego – as he hit the deck in front of the onlooking crowd.

But, in the style of a true pro, the former England skipper quickly jumped to his feet again – sporting a big grin.

Thankfully, there were photographers there to capture the moment.

Meanwhile, many of the watching footballers also demonstrated their professionalism, with many more interested in the direction of Beckham’s free-kick than the comedy fall.

Here are some photos.

beckam 2


beckam 3

beckam 4

beckam 5

beckam 6

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