The Hollywood Blueprint And Jay Z’s Hypocrisy Concerning Donald J Trump

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The intermingling of Hollywood and the White House has been going on since the invention of the box office. With the election of President Barack Obama into office, it was finally the turn of the black celeb to shine in the white house.

Obama made black celebs the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Kevin Hart, Kendrick Lamar, Lebron James and many others feel like visiting heads of states at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. In doing so he ushered in a new age for celebrities to seem more politically aware.

However many celebrities had already been talking politics, just like they had talked other topics that affect their lives and millions of other Americans.

Enter Donald Trump.

Donald Trump became a racist as soon as he set his eyes on the oval office. That was the agenda the mainstream media decided to gt behind. Label Donald Trump a racist in order to lead their anointed candidates to victory.

The hypocrisy of black celebrities as concerns Donald Trump is legendary. As a hip hop connoisseur myself, I remember two Jay Z songs from at least the past 10 to 15 years where he shouts out Donald Trump, and/or Donald Trump properties. Was Jay Z not aware that Trump was a racist when he bought an apartment at The Trump?

Several other rappers have hit records referencing Donald Trump, including a white rapper Mac Miller whose breakout track was called Donald Trump. Trump has a lot of black celebrity friends including Steve Harvey, Kanye West, and Floyd Mayweather.

For decades many of these celebrities and black businessmen stayed at his hotels and name dropped Donald Trump any chance they got. Then all of a sudden, Trump turned racist. Funny how overnight best friends, can become bitter foes. But that is the power dynamics that follows those that operate at the highest echelons of power in Washington D.C.

Trump became a racist the moment he took on the Democratic party. Not a shred of evidence the man is actually a racist. He may say some outlandish things, but who doesn’t? Jay Z is known for lyrics promoting drug abuse, drug dealing, violence, sexual immorality and other societal ills, but he isn’t called to order. Yet everyone wants to point a finger at Trump.

I am still a big fan of Jay Z’s music but not his politics, and especially not his hypocrisy. At some point, someone needs to tell these rich and famous people to stop aligning with politicians to stir up division in the country just because their favorite did not make it to the White House. Continuing to do so, and playing the popularity war with Donald Trump is going to deal huge credibility blows to these individuals among those who can see the reality of the besmirch Trump agenda.

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