‘Tinubu Is A Meddling Dictator’ – PDP

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The People Democratic Party has lambasted the country’s leading opposition figure, Alhaji Ahmed Tinubu for unsavory comments targeted at their organization’s new formation of a Governor’s Forum.

Olisa Metuh, PDP spokesman, said: “Since the inception of the current democratic dispensation, governors have had several groups where they meet to aggregate their common interests. We have governors of the ACN always meeting.

“We also have groups like the Northern Governors Forum, SouthEast Governors Forum, South South Governors Forum and so on. What is the idea behind Tinubu’s attack on the PDPGF? It goes to show the absence of democratic tenets in him for him to attempt to prevent Nigerian citizens from associating with one another.”

The PDP faulted the democratic qualities of Senator Tinubu, saying, “his dictatorial tendencies and his nepotistic disposition are responsible for the intractable crisis within the ACN.”

Metuh added: “Senator Tinubu is the least qualified to question any meeting of like minds where decisions are taken based on sound debates and objective reasoning. He is used to ruling a small association on impulse where his word is law. He cannot, therefore, offer any useful advice on how a mega democratic association like the PDP should be organised.”

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