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Tips that will turn her on and make her beg you for more

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Biggest turn ons for women
Want to know some proven ways to turn a girl on without getting her drunk?
I am talking to the point where she will be dry humping your leg, begging you to take her back to your place.

Unfortunately a lot of guys find it incredibly difficult to turn a woman on and that is why they hardly get laid.

So I am going to put a stop to that today, by showing you the best ways to turn a girl on sexually with both verbal and non-verbal techniques.

I am writing from my point of view from what i gathered. But trust me, these techniques have been proven to work and just so you know they have been tested in-field a ridiculous amount of times! They will blow her mind.


NOTE: Once you have turned her on enough to want to have sex, don’t disappoint her, otherwise you won’t get any repeat business. Become a master of the bedroom and give her orgasms she’s NEVER had before.


Let us talk about sex baby!
The first key to sexual escalation is verbal, you need to seduce her with your words… then you move onto the physical which will push things over the edge with her.


How can you expect a woman to think about having sex with you, if you don’t harness those thoughts in her mind? Well the simple answer is, she won’t.


Whilst you are building rapport with her, you need to throw in a few thought provokers that help her think about you in the sack.

Things like:

Hey look at the way that girl is dancing over there, you can totally tell she’d be terrible in bed by the way she’s moving.

I was reading something in the paper on the tube the other day which said that women who wear bright red lipstick or better at giving blowjobs than women who don’t (WARNING ON THIS ONE, IT’S ADVANCED)

I was talking to a girl-friend the other day and she said that women relate dancing with a guy to sex… is that true?


The stronger, the better
Women like guys who are strong… so look into her eyes, put your hands around her waist and slowly pull her into you, so your pelvis is touching hers. This is very sexual and will set up a kiss perfectly.


I’d go as far to say that it’s the best way to turn a girl on because it shows you’re a dominant male.

Try the cheek test
Some guys just don’t know when they should be going in for a kiss, here is a great way to tell if she’s ready.


Go in for a cheek kiss (with your hands holding each arm), but make sure it’s very close to her mouth, when you’re close see what her reaction is… does she move her head away as if to reject you or does she go in for a real kiss?


If she moves away, go in for a second kiss but keep your hands holding her arms. Why you ask?


Simple, if you remove your hands from her arms when she moves her head away from the kiss, it sub communicates that you have acknowledged she is rejecting your kiss. However if you leave your hands there and go in for a third kiss, making it obvious that you’re going for the cheek, it makes her look like the fool… clever huh? Lol


Touch the sensitive parts
If a girl lets you touch her waist and leave your hand there without pulling away… then you can kiss her. It’s a surefire sign my friend, go in for the kiss.


On the flip side, if she ever touches your stomach or chest, it means she wants to kiss you, guaranteed.

Dress well too
Now moving to looks, opinions might differ on this, still most women admit that seeing their man well-dressed turns them on. So why take chances? If it’s your first date, make it a point to look good even though you consider yourself a man of the streets. A well-shaved, decently-dressed dude always scores! Moreover, the girl feels special when she sees you take pains to dress yourself properly just for the occasion. No harm in that!

Above all, never forget to smell nice; body and mouth!

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