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Tonto Dike vs Olakunle Churchill: New Twist To Marriage Crisis Surfaces

Following the marriage crisis plaguing the 17-month-old relationship between Nigerian actress, Tonto Dike and her man Dr. Olakunle Churchill, a new twist to the crisis has emerged.

Recall that Tonto Dike confirmed the separation between the duo some days ago after which she proceeded to delete all photos of her estranged husband from her Instagram page.

In a recent interview, Olakunle Churchill had denied having a female PA adding that the actress had been ignoring his callas cutting him off from his son, Andre.

In a recent twist, Olakunle Churchill took to his social media page to deny that his relationship failed because of an actress PA. He noted that his company does not have any actress PA on its payroll.

He added that the actress story is a sponsored cover.

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