Trump supporters threaten civil war over reckless impeachment talk

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In and around the recent flurry of scandal besieging the Trump administration’s occupation of the white house, there have been talks of impeachment.

These talks of impeachment have been said to come from democratic quarters of the government and have been allegedly discussed long before Trump was sworn in as President of the United States.

However, with the most recent debacle of Trump allegedly trying to prevent the FBI director Mr Comey from investigating Mike Flynn over his alleged ties to Russia, the talks of impeachment may have gained a much louder voice with the media playing a critical role.

However, it should be noted that these talks may set a dangerous tone for the white house in the coming weeks.

The media, furious that Trump defied them by winning the election, denied him any semblance of a “honeymoon” in office with Democrats treating Trump as if he had executed a coup instead of winning an election, dubbing themselves the “Resistance” and obstructing every Trump nominee, every bill, and every policy decision.

President Barack Obama complained about Republican “obstruction,” too. But while their opposition hardened in response to the $862 billion stimulus and Obamacare, the GOP gave Obama a chance to govern.

They approved most of his Cabinet appointees quickly. They told voters “elections have consequences,” and joined Democrats to confirm his early Supreme court nominees. They never spoke of impeachment though he had, arguably, earned it.

Trump has never been given the same chance — or any chance — to carry out his agenda. And for months, Trump voters have watched the media fawning over the hysterical opposition, praising the “pussyhat” protesters and downplaying the extremists in their ranks.

Social media reactions to the impeachment indicate that the Trump voters aren’t happy with the development and are beginning to voice their displeasure.

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