Tunde Ednut Releases Exclusive Photo of Bobrisky Being Arrested By Police

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A new photo showing Bobrisky being bundled out of his house by policemen has been released by archnemesis, Tunde Ednut.

Recall that sometime last month, the crossdresser made headlines when a photo of him at the police station went viral with speculation rife as to how he landed there.

A proper explanation that satisfies everyone has been so far unavailable, but the new photo does give some context to the arrest.

Bobrisky claimed he was simply invited for questioning, but judging by the way the photo looks, the word ‘invite’ is being used quite liberally.

Tunde Ednut took to his Instagram to say;

“3 WEEKS AGO WHEN BOBRISKY WAS ARRESTED. I HAD THIS PICTURE “EXCLUSIVE” TO ME ON THE DAY HE GOT ARRESTED, BUT I DIDN’T JUST WANNA POST IT, BUT OH WELL THIS IS IT – This was how he was handcuffed and bundled out his “rented” personal house. Jacob locked the gate from outside, they had no choice but to bundle him over the fence. He was not allowed to carry his SNAPCHAT FILTER over the fence. He came on social media to lie to us that it was a lie, he was never handcuffed, he was only taken to Abuja for questioning. He should stop lying. TAG YOUR FRIENDS TO SEE THIS. #StopTheLiesBobrisky#SameBlackJeans”

Check out the photos below





Famutimi Femi is a writer for theheraldng. He is also a lawyer by trade. His hobbies include reading and writing, he also loves Renaissance art.

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