Uduaghan Develops Identity Crisis, Morphs Into Traffic Warden?

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Despite the fact that the Nigerian Police Force has several thousand policemen and women trained to direct traffic, the Governor of Delta State, Emmanuel Uduaghan took it upon himself to leave all his ‘executhief’ business and direct traffic in Asaba in a poorly designed and orchestrated publicity stunt.

This is a governor who cannot fix the roads in the state, or solve the insecurity crisis in the state. Queen Okonjo, kidnapped; Setraco worker, kidnapped; countless lives, lost or mired in poverty.

Action Man

And this governor thinks the best way to demonstrate good governance is to hop out of his bullet proof jeep, disorganize his snake-like convoy of cars all over the road and then we will all chant “Uduaghan is working, traffic is moving.” Traffic is moving, albeit at a snails pace.

Did this same man not say Queen Okonjo will be rescued in 24 hours? Newsflash gov: She’s still missing! You know what else is missing, funds looted from the Delta State treasurer by your administration and the previous one run by your first cousin.

Good roads are missing, security for life and property are nowhere to be found, jobs are not there. Welfare is playing hide and seek, and Uduaghan is moving traffic on terrible roads.

Uduaghan is working, traffic is moving?

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