Unbelievable: Man finds knife in back 3 years after he was stabbed

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Believe it or not, a man discovered a knife stuck in his back on March 22nd, but was not stabbed anytime recently. In fact, it’s been three years since the man’s been stabbed.

Apparently, the stabbing happened at a birthday party in April 2010. The Canadian man got into a fight over an arm wrestling match and was stabbed in the back five times.

The man went to the hospital, got stitched up, and went home.

He did not, however, get an X-ray on his back.

The man thought it was merely an itch that was bothering him all these years, and he never quite understood why he set off every metal detector he walked through.

After years, he finally went to the doctor, who proceeded to remove the 2.7 inch blade from his back.

If you ever think you may have a blade protruding in your back, you should probably contact a doctor.

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