Vibrating pen picks up mistakes as you write

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Science has taken such big leaps that nothing seems unattainable. Another achievement has been added to the feat list of modern science as a hi-tech pen has been created which will point out the grammatical mistakes as one writes.

A German firm claims to have created a hi-tech pen which vibrates every time it senses a spelling or grammar mistake.

The pen has been developed by German company ‘Lernstift’ to help youngsters learn to write, but it could catch on with people of all ages.

The pen is now at the prototype stage. But it is capable of picking errors in spelling or letter formation in real-time, delivering a warning vibration to the writer’s hand.

There are two function modes provided in the pen to choose from: ‘Calligraphy Mode’ which points out flaws of form and legibility. The other is the ‘Orthography Mode’ which detects orthographic and grammatical mistakes.

Sensors built into the pen detect variations in the way letters are formed and will buzz immediately if an error is spotted.

According the pen’s creators Falk and Mandy Wolsky , they were inspired by their son’s early writing attempts. It is hoped the quick prompts will help children learn to write more accurately, more quickly.

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