Video: Pastor lays death curse on popular OAP Daddy Freeze over Tithing Controversy

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Controversial OAP DaddyFreeze has called out a Popular Pastor, whom he claims laid a curse on him over Tithing, despite worshipping at his church for over 11 years and contributing to the development of the church.

Recall that the #FreeTheSheeple convener had slammed pastors for collecting Tithe which he claims is not in the Bible but was initiated to extort ignorant worshippers.

While many pastors have come out to defend the act and warn him to keep his opinion to himself, the OAP boss has continued to stand on his view.

In a video which Daddy Freeze shared on his Instagram account, he revealed that the pastor of his previous place of worship cursed him that he will die within 24 months unless he stops misinforming people on Tithing.

Below is his post:

Its heartbreaking to see that the very people entrusted with our salvation, curse us with damnation!

It clearly shows us that the Christianity he teaches is rooted firmly in his monetary gain.

I hereby REJECT any curse put upon me by this man! That curse will not come upon my children or anyone who is dear to me neither will it be the portion of any of the members of the #FreeTheSheeple movement or their loved ones.

I hand him over to the almighty God, creator of heaven and earth!~FRZ –

Click here to watch the video.

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