Waist Trainers: You Just May Be Killing Yourself

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Women these days would do anything to achieve the hourglass shape, notwithstanding the pain and danger that come with it. The latest in this attempt is the waist training process.

Studies have shown that one out of every three women use the waist trainer. Howbeit waist training is not a new development. It has been in existence since the 19th century when it used to be called corset. 

Today, it has been renewed as a 21st century trend, especially among young ladies who are under the spell of civilization, where “everything goes”.

Not only are women clinching their stomachs with these latex made garments for more than 10 hours during the day, some have cultivated the habit of using them at night too. 

Though waist trainers help accentuate the body shape and shrink the stomach to reduce the intake of calories, many users have however failed to ask themselves if indeed waist trainers are the secret to smaller waists?
According to medical experts, compressing the waist region could be very dangerous. It could cause the internal organs to deform; fused intestines, fractured ribs, and inveterate pains. 

Prolonged use of waist trainers could affect healthy breathing, increase the risk of pneumonia, leads to shallow breathing, depriving the body of efficient oxygen and this has led to many ladies passing out.

Funny enough, people believe that constant wearing of the waist trainer will help burn excess fat in the stomach. Medical experts confirm that no matter how long you wear the trainer, all the fat goes back to its original position once the trainer is removed.

Therefore it is advised that ladies who want to reduce fat in the stomach region should take adequate diet in their right proportion, drink a lot of water, avoid junk food, take less fatty foods and carbohydrate, and exercise regularly.
Waist trainers can be used occasionally if needed, but it shouldn’t be a substitution for weight loss.

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