Wanted Ahmed Umar Bolori visits Army Headquarters, Told to Go Home

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Ahmed Umar Bolori, who was one of the men declared wanted by the Nigerian Army over his alleged relations with the Boko Haram sect visited the Army Operational Headquarters in Maiduguri, Borno state.

Bolori was also seen signing the visitors’ register.

Ahmed Bolori is the coordinator of the Fa’ash Foundation and the Partnership Against Violent Extremism and resident of Maiduguri.

The Nigerian Army had in a statement said that Bolori along with two others were wanted for their alleged ties to the Boko Haram sect.

The Army said the three refused to provide useful information to authorities despite having clear and unfettered access to the sect and also held them responsible for the Boko Haram video that was released on Sunday.

He was offered tea while he waited and after waiting for a long time he was told to go home and return the next day.

Bolori wrote on his Facebook wall, “I have signed the visitors’  register since and I am still waiting to be taken in. Although, the Army guard doesn’t have airtime to contact his heads.

 “The Army is now treating me friendly and peacefully, as a nice colonel just took me to his office to drink tea.

“May God help us.”

Farook Kperoogi, a U.S.-based Nigerian journalism professor and close associate of Bolori was unhappy with this development and said, “I just got off the phone with Ambassador Ahmed Umar Bolori, one of the people declared “wanted” by the Nigerian military. He told me he called the Chief of Army Staff, the spokesperson of the Nigerian military who announced him “wanted,” and other top military officers and said he was at their beck and call and didn’t need to be declared “wanted” since he wasn’t in hiding.

“He then went ahead and turned himself in at the top military barracks in Maiduguri, waited for more than two hours, but there was no one to interrogate or arrest him. He called and texted the chief of army staff and the military spokesperson again and pleaded with them to send someone to detain, arrest, interrogate, or do whatever they wanted to do to him because he wanted to clear his name.

“He was later told to go home and return the following day! They told a “wanted” man to go home and come back the next day! Can you believe that? First, he is personally known to the chief of army staff and to the military spokesman. These people also know his home in Maiduguri. They know where to get him if they want to. yet they declared him “wanted.”

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