Why Ndigbo are leaving PDP for APC – Nwoye

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Former Chairman of Anambra state PDP and former National President of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Tony Nwoye spoke on the reason why the Ibo populace are swapping party allegiance from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the All People’s Congress (APC).

In an exclusive interview with the Vanguard Newspaper, he said that the migration was because of a collective goal of Ibo people to free Anambra state from the clutches of the APGA political party.

He said “It started since 2005 with impunity, without caring for the welfare of the people. That is why there is so much hunger in all nooks and crannies of the state where the people don’t enjoy over 90 per cent of their local government allocation.”

“In fairness, it did not start with Obiano. In fact that is going to form the crux of our campaign because we want to change that bad system. Our campaign will be a mass movement. The APGA people have been whipping up the propaganda that APC is not for Igbo people and when we get to the field, we will tell our people that it is about the individual. Let them stop using APGA. They have used APGA enough to rob Igbo.”

“If APGA is truly an Igbo party, why is it that up till now, it is only in Anambra State? Why is it that in the House of Representatives there are only two APGA members and out of 109 senators, none is an APGA senator? Why is it that since the time of Ojukwu who is the symbol of APGA, they could not win one single state outside Anambra? They have been using it to hold our people down; to siphon our money and we must stop it.”

He also declared his intention to contest as a governorship candidate in the near future, “As long as there is life I will contest. I won’t contest based on zoning. I will contest because I want to bring change. I want to put food on the tables of the oppressed people of this state whose local government funds are being deducted with impunity by APGA-led government.”


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