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Woman Exposes Best Friend Who Sends Nudes And Sleeps With Her Husband On Social Media

An estranged wife took to her social media page to out her husband who allegedly has been having sexual affair with her friend.

The Kenyan lady identified as Ann Ahenda took to her Facebook page to expose her best friend, Olivia Apondi Agutu whom she found her sexual related chat with her husband on his phone.

The woman further revealed that her best friend had been sending her husband nude photos via his WhatsApp.

She shared photos of the chat along with the message: “I have experience the true meaning of betrayal. I never thought this will happen to me. OLIVIA APONDI AGUTU, your place is in HELL We use to be best of friends with this lady, and our husbands are like brothers for almost 5 years now.only for me to realize that I have been smiling with a python.

She and my husband are having affair behind our back.even though I know my husband can cheat I never expect it to be my best friend. after all we have been through OLIVIA?s pending days with you in the hospital and looking after you? And at that age with a 16th are old daughter and four boys you are still sending nude photos? you are wicked for real”

See photos of the chat shared below:

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