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Young innovators storm expo with prototypes of innovations

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Some young innovators at the just-concluded Science and Technology Expo in Abuja, have showcased prototypes of their innovations and are calling for support from government and private investors to develop them.

They include magnetic generator, dynamo amplified generator, car copter, amourd car, solar cooker, excavator, Onion Indicator and Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Control Electric Circuit, among others.

Others appealed to government, private investors to promote innovations by youths in the country and encourage commercialisation.

The innovators in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday said they embarked on the innovations as a way of contributing to the country’s technological advancement and to solve the challenges facing the country.



Students of Regina Pacis College, Garki II, Abuja, who spoke with NAN at the expo venue, said they were there to exhibit their magnetic generator and a dynamo amplified generator.

Miss Queensley Buzugbe, SS2 student, one of the innovators, said that they embarked on the project to address the constant lack of power supply in the country.

According to her, the advantage of these devices has over other conventional generators is that they do not need external source of energy.

“This means that it does not need fuel, no combustor, no motor and no water. So with the present state of the economy, it wouldn’t necessarily affect you once you have purchased these inventions.



“Also the question of performance is very good because with a little input, it produces a large number of output.

“So we’ve come to show this prototype, if the minister is interested in it and invest in it, and the problem of power supply will be greatly solved in Nigeria,’’ Buzugbe said.

Another young inventor, Kamilu Adamu from Kano graduated from secondary school in 2015 and he invented car copter, an amourd car and excavator.

“I just tried to make a car that can fly because I have seen that many countries have been trying to create a car that can fly.

“That means when you see it, you won’t know it can fly but when it has reason to fly, all the wings are going to come out from the car and it will fly.

“The excavator is invented to have two buckets, it can turn the buckets to look downward or turn it to look upward.

“Meaning that it is two-in-one, which can be used for digging, especially in the construction of roads and building of houses.

“The armour tank is different from the ones I see in the military. That one can be collapsed before it can enter a building,’’ he said.

Suleiman said he got the materials from waste products because he did not have money to purchase anything but used things that people discarded to make these prototypes

“I got some iron broken discs and used them to create my own technology using waste products to make renewable technology.

“I can even make a tractor that can do many things. But I need somebody to sponsor me to the university level so that I can achieve my dream of making Nigeria a technologically advanced nation.’’

Mustapha Abdulbaseet, a 13 years old boy from Anchor Springfield Schools, Ogun State at the expo to exhibit Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) Control Electric Circuit said

“I created a GSM Control Electric Circuit enables you to use a mobile phone as a remote control to have access to all appliance in your house.

“The circuit can help you monitor any appliance in your house that you could not put off when you are away from the house.

“The innovation started from a joke in class where we argued about how inefficient the power supply system in the country and had disappointed Nigerians.

“We argued that PHCN can use a mobile circuit to switch off light in houses of people that have not paid their light bills than moving from house to house to disconnect people.

“If I have the government or individuals that can invest in this product, I will be willing to produce more of this product,’’ he said.

Another young innovator, Oluwakoya Adedolapo, 13, a girl came with Onion Indicator for exhibition from the same school said the indicator was to detect acid on human body.

According to her, the invention took her one month to achieve and will be beneficial for researchers.

“When cutting onions you realise that water comes out of your eyes, that is not water exactly but acidic content in the human body.

“People have shown interest in what we came to exhibit, although most of us are not being recognised.

“The Minister for Science and Tech has a lot of responsibility in ensuring that inventors are encouraged to the next level,” she said.

Addullahi Tijani, a boy of 16 years old from Government Secondary School, Tundun Wada, Abuja, said his school came to showcase a solar cooker.

Tijani said the solar cooker with the help of sunlight can cook food without causing any toxic effect on humans.

He encouraged young innovators to put their ideas to reality and contribute their quota to the development of the country.

“Solar cooker can be useful to farmers and people living in the rural areas, this does not cost much to acquire.

“The solar cooker was made of wood and foil paper which are materials locally sourced.

“Other young innovators should try and device means to develop technology and make Nigeria a better country.”

Aminah Kuchi, a girl of 16 years from same school said their solar cooker could be commercialised if the government, individuals invest into the product.

Kuchi noted that young innovators were not recognised in the country, adding that the government was not encouraging their efforts.

The expo, which began on April 3 and to end on April 7, has as its theme: “Science, Technology and Innovation for Nigeria’s Economic Diversification”.

It brought together exhibitors, scientists, technological innovators, investors, technology experts from the Diaspora, among other stakeholders in science and technology sector. (NAN)

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