10 Ankara Styles you need about just One yard of Ankara Fabric to Sew


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Ankara is very cool cotton or semi-poly cotton which is ideal to be worn in the summer season. African fabric which is loved by fashion gurus all over the world. It’s a unique style, and you can even go for an entirely Ankara themed wedding as well

Some styles might just require a little bit over one yard or you can combine with other fabrics e.g Duchess Satin, Lace etc.

The moral of the story is if your fabric remains, you can collect it from your tailor to make something different next time.






Jill Chivers says “fashion distracts, style connects”. The reason why fashion icons are who they are today is because of how they have created their own style from fashion and the funny thing is not all fashion designers are fashion icons but anybody can be a fashion icon. We love the versatility of Ankara styles.







It’s no longer a secret that Nigerian women like bright colours and standard fashion solutions. Therefore, the review of the latest  Ankara styles in vogue for women attracts increased attention every season. Here are some latest Ankara styles for women with taste…


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