10 things to know about Bill Gates’ N234billion hydrogen-powered superyacht


Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates is about to become the owner of the world’s first hydrogen-powered superyacht.

The Herald brings you 1o important points about this potential floating city:

  1. Bill Gates’ yacht will cost him  £500 million (approximately N234.3 billion). That is more than the 2020 budget of Ekiti (N124.7bn), Gombe (N130.83bn), Enugu (169.56), Kogi (N176bn), Imo (197.6bn) and many other Nigerian states.
  2. The yacht is christened Aqua ship
  3. It’s a 112-metre (370ft) luxury vessel completely powered by liquid hydrogen.
  4. The fuel will generate power for the two one-megawatt motors and propellors via on-board fuel cells, which combine hydrogen with oxygen to produce electricity. Water is a byproduct.
  5. According to Guardian, it has the potential to reach speeds of 17 knots (about 20mph) and travel 3,750 miles before it needs to refuel.
  6. Aqua ship has five decks and space to accommodate 14 guests and 31 crew members.
  7. It’s being built by Dutch design firm Sinot.
  8. It’s expected to be completed before 2024.
  9. It is Bill Gates’ first solely-owned yacht/
  10. Bill Gates is the world’s second-richest man with a net worth of $118 billion.

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