100 Level Student Dies In Kerosine Explosion


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Ogolo Eke, a student in her 100-level student at the Cross River University of Technology in Calabar, died on Wednesday due to a kerosene explosion in her house in the Eight Miles area of Calabar.

The victim was 21 and a student of the Department of Microbiology. Her body is reported to have been burnt beyond recognition by the fire. The cause of the fire is believed to be adulterated kerosene.

Mr. Ekere Kelvin, a witness, stated that Ogolo was attempting to refill a lantern with kerosene at 7.45pm on Wednesday when the incident occurred.

The victim was rushed to a private hospital in Calabar in critical condition, but she could not survive the severe burns.

“We heard a sound from her room. Before we got there, the smoke had already covered the room. We tried to help her, but her face and chest had been burnt. She died on Thursday. She was badly burnt by the fire.”

Felix Eke, a relative stated that Ogolo’s death was a big blow to the family.

“We feel very sad and my parents have been devastated. She had been searching for this admission for over four years, but could not get it. She just got this one and matriculated two weeks ago. She died in a mysterious circumstance. We are grieving,” he said.

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