11 Taxi Drivers Ambushed and Killed in South-Africa

Tony Abu Momoh
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Tragedy struck on Sunday in the KwaZulu Natal province of South-Africa when 11 Taxi Drivers were ambushed and killed by unknown gunmen.

Police have reported that eleven minibus taxi drivers were shot dead and four others injured when unknown gunmen opened fire on their vehicle in KwaZulu Natal province on Sunday.


National commissioner of police Khehla Sitole reported that the men were travelling back to Johannesburg from the burial of a colleague when they were ambushed; the men were private mini bus drivers.

Preliminary reports indicate that that the 11 were among 17 people coming from a funeral… Four victims were critically injured and taken to hospital while two survived unscathed,” he said.

The Police commissioner further reported that a manhunt had been launched to apprehend those responsible for the murders while he reiterated that the police will wait for the investigation to commence properly before speculating on a motive.

“We will wait for the investigation to advance before speculating on a motive,” he said further.



Private mini-busses provide essential transport for millions of South Africans, but violence is common between rival taxi groups as profitable routes are hotly contested.

This latest round of violence however seems to be an escalation as taxi drivers have not been murdered in preceding violent cases which mostly end up with beatings.


Although South-Africa has the largest and strongest economy in Africa, being the only African member of the BRICS; it is bedeviled by economic and social problems which the ANC led government of Cyril Ramaphosa has not been able to solve.

His predecessor Jacob Zuma is currently facing allegations of corruption after being forced to step down as President; a position he clung to so dearly.

South – Africa, one of the most violent countries in the world is known for its high crime rate and xenophobic attacks against other African Migrants- especially Nigerians whom they blame for the shortage of jobs and the increase in crime rate in the country.

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