12 common occurrences in dreams and what they mean


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Dreams are images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during sleep. They can last from as little as a few seconds to as long as 20 minutes, and the average person has at least three to five, and often many more, dreams a night (dreams typically occupy a total of about two hours of a normal night’s sleep). Unfortunately, no-one has ever been able come up with a way to record or visualize dreams (although some recent research is beginning to show promise in that area), so we must resort to the low-tech and rather unscientific solution of waking people and asking them whether they were dreaming, and what about.

Dreams are usually story-like and narrative, and they often appear to us (rightly or wrongly) to connote something meaningful about our lives. They range in subject matter from the normal and ordinary to the illogical, bizarre and downright surreal. In fact, most dreams are surprisingly ordinary and unexciting, usually based on recent life events, but we are more likely to remember the more flamboyant, strange or alarming ones. The events in a dream still feel totally realistic and logical to us, however fantastical they may be.

You may ask yourself “What was that?” Hence, this post will explain what these weird objects which appear in your dreams mean!

Boxed up

It is either you are fearing that something important is hidden from you or you might be keeping a secret from others around you. If you dream yourself opening a box, it could mean you are now ready to reveal your secret to others. On the other hand, an empty box will indicate that you are feeling disappointment in your life right now.


Dreaming about your teeth breaking or falling out is akin to a nightmare. This is out of your fear of getting older or in some cases, death. You can have lesser dreams about it if you begin to have a positively driven life. This might also indicate that you are worrying too much about your appearance.

Water has no enemy

Your subconscious is telling you that you are ready to take big risks in your life and you are not afraid to do so. You are having big goals and your brain dictates that you should give it a try. Moreover, dreaming of water also means that you have a liking for simple life.

So fly!

You might be pressured in your life right now but you just don’t manage them – you fly over them! That’s what at least your brain is telling if you dream about flying. Similar with water, it could also indicate you are more than prepared to take bold decisions in your life.

Stuck in the mud

Just like a vehicle getting stuck in the mud, you also think having a stalemate in deciding between choices at the moment. It may be appropriate to tell yourself that it is high time to break free and change your pace in life. Alternatively, mud is also known as a symbol of rebirth. It is a reminder that you can always restart with something you are not happy with in your life.

It is a green world

This indicates you are in a very good emotional place right now. Or your subconscious is telling you to thaw your icy demeanor because you have a potential to be a loving worker, lover or a friend. This also be a symptom that you are in a good pace right now in terms of emotional healing.

Stark naked

This bizarre but totally common dream only tells us a universal fear – we are afraid of being judged. Allowing yourself to accept your vulnerabilities will lessen this type of dream and that negative feeling. Basically, this dream is a signal for you to love yourself more.

On the road

Maybe you are making life more complicated than it is already if you dream about roads. It is best not to think of the complicated things which affect your daily life. On the other hand, it can also mean that you believe in fate and you think your path is leading you somewhere beautiful.

Hairy affair

If this is the subject of your dreams, it means that you seek to fix some of your physical relationships. Your brain is also telling you that it is high time for you to embrace the sexual side of your personality. Hair also symbolizes your desire to mingle with people but exactly knowing where you stand in your relationship. Lastly, this can also show that you want some sense of freedom in your life.

Ant life

On the superficial level, dreaming about bugs means something is bothering you in real life. Your mind indicates that you should face it head on instead of keeping it to yourself. Given that ants are also hardworking creatures, it can also show that you value the relationships in your family.

Pussy cat, pussy cat

Cats are known to be associated with feminism. If you dream about these cute creatures, maybe it’s time for you to delve in further into a woman. If you are a guy who dreamt of cats, it means that you should take time in understanding women better.

Falling down down down down

This is actually a very common dream in our lives. It also means something we also encounter in a daily manner – anxiety. You also fear of risking to fail whenever you make decisions in your life. If this is a recurring dream of yours, it will be better if you focus yourself on mind cleansing activities like meditation and yoga.

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