Dead 12-year-old Girl Wakes Up During Funeral Preparation


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A 12-year-old girl in Indonesia who was declared dead by doctors suddenly came back to life when her parents were preparing her body for her funeral.


The 12-year-old girl who goes by the name Siti Masfufah Wardah, was admitted to a hospital in Probolinggo in the Indonesia province of East Java for chronic diabetes and organ complications on August 18.


She was pronounced dead by doctors at 6pm the same day.


Her body was transferred to her home at 7pm so that family members could clean it and perform the funeral rights.


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Family members were about to clean the girl’s body when she suddenly woke up again, according to her father.

The dad, identified only as Ngasiyo, 40, revealed to news outlet Detik: “When her body was being bathed, her body temperature suddenly warmed. And her closed eyes suddenly reopened. And we found her heart was beating again and her body moved.”

The girl was taken back into the house and doctors were called to the scene.

Medics helped the girl with respiratory assistance and oxygen, but she reportedly passed away again an hour later.


So-called ‘corpse revival’ is also known as Lazarus syndrome or return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) which occurs in patients who have ‘died’ of heart failure.


He added: “It’s true that there was an incident where the girl died and came back to life, after previously being treated at the Dr Mochamad Saleh Regional Hospital.

“When she was washed her body came back to life. For about one hour was alive and then died again.”

Almost 90 per cent of the population Indonesia is Muslim, and as part of the Islamic funeral ritual it is the responsibility of the family to wash the body according to a specific ritual prescribed for washing the body of the dead.


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