137th IPU: Putin tasks parliamentarians on constructive, balanced agenda in tackling global conflicts


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Russian President, Mr Vladimir Putin, has charged parliamentarians across the world to promote peaceful, constructive and balanced agenda in tackling conflicts.

Putin made the call while declaring open the 137th Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Assembly on Saturday in St. Petersburg, Russia.

He said that the place of parliamentarians in world affairs could not be undermined in view of the critical role they played in building trust between countries and finding solutions to international and regional problems.

Putin wished the parliamentarians fruitful deliberation, and lauded IPU’s efforts in promoting human rights, freedom, fighting terrorism, ensuring sustainable global development, promoting women and youth’s roles in parliament, politics and economy.



He assured that Russia would consistently follow the path of development of democratic and representative institutions of power by raising the authority and significance of the legislative branch of government.

He stressed that parliaments across the globe expressed the will of the nation and played leading role in developing national plans for development.

”The parliament also plays a crucial role in finding solutions to common threats and challenges that are common to all of us.

“One of these, I believe, is the erosion of the international law and the culture of inter-state dialogue. Unfortunately, it is the practice of today.

”You, like no other, know that dialogue and discussion are the basis for inter-parliamentary work,” Putin said.


He expressed concern that in spite of the high expectations of the parliament, it was seen to attempt to limit direct contact and discussions with parliamentarians.

According to him, the introduction of discriminatory limitations and sanctioning of parliamentarians for instance, was worrisome.

”We believe that such practice is unacceptable. It is detrimental and counter-productive when within inter-parliamentary structures, whole delegations are being deprived.

”We believe that this runs contrary to the free inter-parliamentary cooperation, a sovereign right of every country to express and argue its position in open and civilised manner.

”Today’s world cannot have one-size-fits-all and rubber-stamp model of development.

”Each country has its inaudible right to define by itself its own destiny as it is enshrined in the UN Charter,” he said.

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