9 Baffling Lies Nigerian Girls Tell

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I thought I should compile this list for those boys who are new to the game. Feel free to add whatever I missed out. Let’s go:

I don’t even like make-up

To be honest, my heart pours out to the male populace. The way and the method make-up has evolved is unimaginable. You will see someone go inside a room this minute and see another person walk out, have you seen those make overs on Instagram? Some girls will even claim nude make-up, watch out for those girls, they are more guilty. Well, do not blame the players. Boys like light-skinned perfect face and perfect body girls. Hence…

I am Miss Independent, I never ask for money

Women naturally like to collect, true some do not ask but it doesn’t mean they will not collect. Even when a girl knows fully well she has more than her giver, that does not really stop her. Well, I will play advocate here – since the men think it is okay for there to be payment gap, let the collection continue.

I never visit boys

Why you always lying??? In fact girls like to do that. I strongly feel they say this just to appear holier than the next girl. However, due to boys judgmental spirit, we rather just tell you what is pleasant in your ear.

Fast food is not my thing

Yes, most girls say this just to sound homely and decent (whatever that means). They say ‘I prefer home cooked meals to fast food’. But deep down, what they are trying to say is-they prefer exotic restaurants! So be sure to figure out what your girl is actually saying.

I do not like sex

When their man complains about not having enough hits from them, their response is usually that they do not like sex and they only do it with him to make him feel loved. When in the actual sense, they do it when they are forced to or yes, when they are horny.

I have never double dated, and never will

Again, why you always lying?? Some how telling the truth about this down plays you in front of a boy. So in order to play safe and not look randy, they’d rather keep lying about their double secret life as long as they can. Girls at some point date two people at a time. Whether you are leaving one next week… it is what we are talking about.

I never talk to strangers or even reply messages from them

Forgive me, I am short of words here. Is everyone not a stranger at one point or the other. Am a girl oh, but I am tired of this territory marked female. And the funniest part is 98.9% of people that say this just say it because they think it looks responsible. Smh

I do not bleach

First and foremost, let us air this out- 90% of girls in Lagos are fair in a way. Be it yellow, green, red and mixed, they do not care as long as their men like it. Please why do girls give themselves these funny names; Lushbarbie, Pinkyfairy, RoseyAngel, LovelyAngel etc I just made these names up but I can bet there are girls somewhere that call themselves these. The annoying part is when they lie over the obvious bleached skin! But why?

I can cook anything but I am not just in the mood

In some girls’ mind when they say they can cook the boy will like them x2 (Stop wasting your lies, you will soon get to your limit). Some girls cannot cook to save their life but they would say they know how to just to again, look good.
Some of these girls will burn indomie. Keep a fire extinguisher close by.

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