2019: Makarfi Declares Intention to Run for Presidency


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The former PDP caretaker chairman and former governor of Kaduna state, Ahmed Makarfi has declared his intention to run for President in 2019.

Speaking to Channels Television in Kaduna, Makarfi said that he has spoken to many people he respects greatly and has come to the conclusion that the time was ripe for him to run for the highest seat in the nation.

He promised that if elected, he would seek to restructure the nation and tackle insecurity, fight corruption with due process and rule of law, improve the economy, and reunite the nation as a people.

He also stated that his party had the advantage due to the APC’s current instability and he believed that PDP had a huge chance to win the election in 2019.

He did have some kind words for Buhari stating that the President had done a good job in fighting insurgency and pushing back Boko Haram.

He did note that he believed that the fight against terrorism would have gone better if the institutions had worked together.

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