2023: Corruption is the only reason elite want zoning – Senator Marafa


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Senator for Zamfara Central in the 7th & 8th Senate, Kabiru Marafa says “corruption” is fuelling the demand among the Nigerian political elite for zoning of the presidency in 2023.

He said that those clamouring for the presidency to be zoned to a particular region are doing so for the benefit it could confer on them and not because they want fairness or betterment of the country.

The controversial Marafa stated this in an interview published by Sunday Sun.

Marafa, who recently quit the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), said that the nation’s recent history shows that where the president comes from is not a determinant of good governance.

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He called on Nigerians to jettison zoning and place emphasis on getting a fair and just leader to pilot the nation’s affairs.

“Anytime people talk about zoning, especially the elite, I look at them with an open mouth in amazement, because I think with what we have seen happened between 2015 and today, I think it is wrong to talk about it.

“I don’t know the right words to use. You know, I don’t want to be misquoted. Well, because what we have seen now, I think that every Nigerian today should forget about zoning.

“We should be talking about a just and fair leader that will treat people equally and it is not about where the man comes from. This is because if you look at the mess now we are in, especially where I come from the Northwest, you’ll understand.

“Now, you come and talk to me about zoning. I will just look at you, because I’m looking forward to somebody that can stand in for me, somebody that you know, can protect me. Somebody that can be fair just to me. That is just what I’m looking for. I don’t care from where he or she comes from.

“All this issue of zoning to me revolves around just one thing – I think corruption. And that is all. So, our own is there. We let him invite us to come and chop.

“Otherwise, if a mega country like the United States, the seat of power, can elect somebody whose father came from Africa? Less than 50 years, and gave birth to a child and that child grew up to become a president of that country. I think we are just making a jest of ourselves when we talk about this zonning. I think we should forget about this.

“Look, let us talk about people, genuine people that can come and salvage this country of ours. People that will make a difference. People that would protect lives and property of people. Now, you are talking about zoning, zoning. Now,  how do you enjoy it if you are not alive? That’s true. The country needs to be safe first.”


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