2023: We’ll do anything to ensure Tinubu wins – Fani-Kayode


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The Director, New Media, APC Presidential Campaign Council, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has said that supporters of the party’s presidential candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, were prepared to do anything to ensure his victory in 2023.

He said that getting Tinubu elected was a righteous and noble cause.

Fani-Kayode stated this in an article titled, ‘A Word For The Batified’, published on Wednesday.

“We must stand with and support our leader regardless of the vicious taunting and relentless aggression that he has been subjected to by his detractors and in spite of the heat of the battle.

“We must clarify issues and respond to every attempt to misrepresent, malign and discredit him.

“We must expose the falsehood and evil intentions of his adversaries in the knowledge that he is the only one out of all the contenders that can bring peace, prosperity and unity to our country.

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“We must take nothing for granted.

“No matter what price we are paying or suffering we have been subjected to as a consequence of our choice of candidate we must not be deterred, we must count it all as joy and we must keep moving forward because our cause is noble, just and righteous…

“BAT will be the next President of Nigeria.

“God wills it and the zeal of the Lord shall cause it to come to pass.

“Our nation shall rise up to where she belongs and we shall build on the foundation that has been established over the last 62 years.

“It is for this noble cause that, despite the challenges, threats, insults and constraints from within and without, we continue to stand and fight.

“The labour of our heroes past shall NEVER be in vain.

“For the future of our beautiful children and our beloved country we will do and take anything to see to it that Asiwaju wins,” Fani-Kayode said.

The former Minister of Aviation urged Tinubu’s supporters not to ” underestimate our enemies or the level they are prepared to descend to”.

“The struggle is hard and the sacrifices are many.

“We have been subjected to all sorts of insults, lies, betrayals and persecution by those that hate us, hate our principal and that do not wish either well.

“Such is their hate that it borders on insanity: they even target our children, spouses and family members.

“These are the sort of things that have NEVER happened before in the history of our country and in the history of our politics but they are happy to cross that line.

“Yet regardless of their desperation, malice, mendacities, deceit and intrigues remember this: the wind blows in our favour.

“PDP and Atiku cannot stop us.

“Labour and Obi cannot stop us.

“NNPP and Kwankwaso cannot stop us.

“Only WE can stop us and that must NEVER be allowed to happen,” Fani-Kayode said.

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