Cinema Etiquette 101

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Today, I went to watch the most anticipated movie of this period Batman Vs Superman. Despite all the criticism it received, I was still interested in seeing the movie. As a long time fan of Superman, I was interested in seeing how Batman with only his physical prowess could beat Superman who is ‘super!’

I was unable to enjoy the movie as my fellow theatre goers spent the time talking, making out and adding loud commentary. There were the ones with obnoxious ring tones and those who actually answered calls during the movie.

There are rules to every place, the cinema is no different. Here are some guidelines on proper cinema etiquette.
1)Do arrive on time. Even if it’s just during the trailers, no one likes having you squish your way past them once the lights are down.
2) Do turn off your mobile phone or put it on silent!
3) Don’t talk through out the movies, especially lovers,if you must ask your partner something,whisper quietly in their ear
4) Don’t slurp your drink or eat loudly.
5) Do laugh or exclaim at the movie but try to keep it appropriate and contained.
6) Don’t answer calls during the movie.
7) Don’t contribute to the move by voicing your opinions loudly.
8)Nursing mothers should endeavor to prevent their children from crying as this not only distracts guests, it kills the experience.
9)Always adhere to the instructions of an Usher
10) please keep bodily sounds and metabolism contained.


Let these guide you during your next movie outing and it will be a better experience for everyone.

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