$258million Hired Saudi Mercenaries: NDRC Responds


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The Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders want to sound it loud and clear that Usman Dan Fodio was not able to conquer the whole north talk less of the Niger Delta. In the history of Nigeria, the Ijaws of the Niger Delta has not been conquered before, so President Muhammadu Buhari should wake up from his slumber of trying to use his Muslim allies to conquer the Izon nation because of their God given resources, let him go back to history and see for himself that the Ijaws are a peace loving people but when pushed to the wall now will have no option but to fight back as it is happening now, because of our God given resources.

If Buhari likes, he should employ the mercenary from the moon, sky and the entire Arab nation, he cannot win this war, because God is on our side. It is shameful that he is using a whooping sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Million Dollars ($258m), which could have been used to turn things around in the Niger Delta by fully implementing and kick-starting the UNEP report, but because of his Islamic agenda, he is using it with his Muslim allies to conquer the Niger Delta because of our God giving resources.

We are not perturbed nor  threatened because God is on our side. South Sudan is a very good example for the world to learn from than apportioning blames after genocide might have been committed. We are also using this opportunity to warn our brothers, so-called politicians and ex-militants who are taking sides with the federal government. We know their antecedents, we know who they are and we also know who they were and know how they manage to be what they are today. We want to warn this personalities, the likes of Ebikabowei Victor Ben, aka Boy Loaf, Ayeri Emami, and Timipre Sylva. It is so shameful for somebody like Boy-loaf that is well known armed robbers on the streets of Gabon from 1994 to 1997 that end up snatching a Pajero Jeep from Gabon to Nigeria through a wooden boat and was arrested and later released on bail through the influence of his father a military man then. He sold the Pajero jeep and used the proceeds to venture into bunkering where he ended up recruiting innocent boys into the act of vandalizing pipelines to siphoning crude oil to his foreign allies were he made some money to purchase arms to perpetrate his illegal activities under the guise of Niger Delta struggle. He facilitated the release of John Togo from prison to the rank of his second in command, where he established his camp in the middle of his community, Ezetu, were he traumatized his people, he intimidated and put their lives in danger from aggression by federal troops. He thereby aligned with Timipre Sylva to intimidate distinguishes chiefs, elders, fathers and opinion leaders. Him and his Boss Timipre Sylva ended up establishing various militant camps in the state. Timipre Sylva the then Governor was funding their militant activities through the monthly allocations. At a point when the monthly allocation accruing to the state from the federal was not much to pay for their militant activities lead to the hasty signing of the Amnesty initiatives. What a shame Ebikabowei Victor Ben, aka Boy-loaf has this slogan that, ‘rebellion against tyrant, is obedience to God’.


That gave dirty water from the source, his community drinks to the late Musa Yaraduah, but could not sink a common borehole worth One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150,000.00), after he had made billions of naira through his criminal activities and the amnesty program. What a shame he is turning against his people today. If truly Muhammed Buhari is a man of integrity, he  could not have allow such person to come close to him, because he is occupying an exalted position as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, because there is always a saying that, ‘show me your friends and I will show you who you are’. Boy loaf should not forget that he is among the first persons that introduced kidnapping into the Niger Delta struggle were by abducting the first British expatriates with Chevron.


He is from the Itsekiri tribe, who is well known by his Kinsmen as a notorious criminal. He and his gang terrorized the Itsekiri communities and Delta State as a whole. Were he was contacted by his former boss James Ibori, the governor of Delta State, currently serving a jail term in the UK for corruption charges. To carry-out high profile assassinations across the nations. He is well known by the people of Delta State that he was the Hench man used by James Ibori to cause the Ijaw/Itsekiri crisis. In a civilized society such a person cannot be allowed to be a member of the progressive party APC, as he is supposed to wrath in jail. What a shame such a person is romancing with the presidency.


That name is known not only as the governor of Bayelsa State, but the atrocities committed against the people of Bayelsa State. He had not only formed and initiated the militancy problems but also initiated the amnesty program. He is a well known drug addict, by all and sundry, even primary pupils. During his reign as governor, he was more or less a gangster, fraternizing with militants, sponsoring them, allocating money to them on monthly basis, and even displaying his virtuous as a cultist, he was highly feared by the people of Bayelsa State. Were his decisions are final. That was the main reason he was not allowed to continue for second tenure. He was charged for corruption by the then federal government, but was quashed of all charges by this present APC administration that claims to be fighting corruption. Such a person is not supposed to go near Mr. President, if the federal government means well for the Niger Delta, and is serious with his anti graft policies. We hereby sound it as a clear warning that what happened to the ‘Brass Creek Manifold’ in Peretorugbene of Ekeremor local government area on the early hours of Friday the 8th of July, at 1;26am by the Niger Delta Revolutionary Crusaders is just a tip of the ice-berg as we are in solidarity with the Niger Delta Avengers.

W01 Izon-Ebi

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