3 People Sustain Minor Injuries As Train Derails Near Milan


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Three people on Wednesday sustained minor injuries as a regional train derailed near Milan in Northern Italy, emergency services said.

The accident occurred just before noon (1000 GMT) at the Carnate-Usmate station, about 30 kilometres North-East of Milan’s central station.

An emergency services spokesman told dpa that there were only three people aboard, the train driver, the conductor and a passenger, and they suffered bruises, nothing serious.

However, footage from local website Milano Today showed that the last three of train’s seven carriages and the engine had derailed. One could be seen lying sideways, while another was at a 90-degree angle from the tracks.

According to a woman working in a nearby doctors’ surgery told the ANSA News Agency they heard a bang and immediately went outside, thinking it was an earthquake.

The crash forced the suspension of rail traffic the Milan-Lecco line, which links the Northern Italian metropolis to Lake Como, a popular tourist resort.
Railway Company Trenord said the carriages derailed on to a dead-end track, and that investigations into the cause of the accident were ongoing.

Lombardy President Attilio Fontana said such incidence should not be happening. Lombardy, the region that includes Milan, had suffered other train accidents recently.

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In February, a high-speed train derailed near Lodi, some 50 kilometres South-East of Milan, killing the train’s two drivers and injuring more than 30 people.

In January 2018, a commuter train derailed near Pioltello, an Eastern suburb of Milan, in an accident that left three people dead and dozens injured.(dpa/NAN)

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