3 reasons to book yourself a walking holiday

John Ogunsemore
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Are you considering booking a hiking trip away for your holiday? If you enjoy being outside, exploring and walking long distances, then we would say go for it! Walking holidays are a great way to see new destinations from a completely new perspective – often there won’t be many cars around and you’ll go to places you can’t reach without going on a hike – just like these Camino de Santiago organized trips.

You’ll often meet other people whilst on your walking holiday as well as be active and come home fitter than when you left. There are many different walking holidays dotted around the world, making it easy for you to find the one for you. Below we look into three reasons to book yourself a walking holiday.

See new destinations from a completely different perspective

Often when going on hikes you will walk for miles. This gives you the chance to venture to places that you can’t reach by car, only by foot. The landscapes you will see will be stunning and you’ll have no cars or buildings in site – just make sure you don’t forget your camera. From panoramic views at the top of mountains to visiting untouched beaches that you may have never seen before, walking holidays give you the chance to see it all in its rawest form.

Come home fitter than when you left

There is no doubt about it, walking holidays will have you getting active on a daily basis. Depending on the trip you opt for, you could be walking anywhere between 10 miles up to 100 or more miles if done over a few days or a week. You’ll be working your muscles building strength as well as in some instances coming home fitter than when you left. If you like the outdoors and exploring, a walking holiday is just the thing for you.

For family fun

Walking holidays aren’t necessarily for couples or solo travelers. They can be enjoyed by families with children as well. If as a family you enjoy going on an adventure and seeing new things, then why not consider a walking holiday together? You will get to stop off at many different destinations as well as see incredible sites. For children, you can let them run around the landscapes and climb the trees you come past – a great way to let them burn off some energy. Plus, when it comes to resting and going to bed, they will definitely sleep better having been active for the day. If you are considering a walking holiday with your family, you can always attempt a shorter journey first to see how the kids deal with it.

Are you thinking of booking a walking holiday? Where are you thinking of going? What reasons do you think there are to book a walking holiday? Which of the three tips above do you most agree with? Is there anything that you would like to share that will benefit our readers? Let us know in the comment box below.

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