3 Times You Should NOT Drink Coffee


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All you coffee lovers, get in here.

Coffee has its perks which include reduced risk of dementia, increased metabolism, reduced risk of skin cancer and of course the energy boost that fires you up in the morning.

There’s however a side effect to everything, here’s a list of the 3 times coffee maybe sabotaging your health.

1. Drinking at the crack of dawn

Having a cup of coffee at 6 AM isn’t going to do your energy levels any favour. This is because in the first couple of hours after waking, the level of the stress hormone cortisol are at their highest which already gives you a natural energy boost. Experts agree that the best time for coffee is between 10-12,when cortisol level is dropping.

If you drink your coffee early, chances are you may need another cup a few hours later.


2. When you really need sleep

It might seem like a cup of coffee is what you really need when you want to stay awake but it is only to a point. New rresearch shows caffeine stops been effective at improving alertness when you get less than 5 hours sleep for 3 consecutive nights.

So, for your coffee to function at full range, you need to sleep.

3. When it’s too HOT

According to the WHO, consuming hot drinks above 147°F may increase the risk of esophageal cancer.

If you like to sip your coffee as soon as it is ready, you might want to cool it-literally.

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