3 Ways Elon Musk Could Quickly Improve Twitter $TWTR


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Earlier today, Elon Musk, the world’s richest man and a serially successful American entrepreneur of African descent announced he had made an offer of $41 billion to purchase social media site, Twitter.

Twitter is currently mulling over the offer, in conjunction with its legal and financial advisers, Goldman Sachs et al. However most people believe Twitter will not sell as it has become a liberal viewpoint echo chamber, where opposing viewpoints are silenced and the harborers of those views, routinely ex-communicated by the platform.

Here are 3 ways Elon Musk could quickly bring radical change to Twitter:

  1. Stop one-sided Censorship: Elon Musk has made it abundantly clear that his interest in Twitter stems from the part free speech plays in true Democratic settings. Over the past few years, the social media site, in conjunction with other Big Tech companies, has made it their policy to censor conservative viewpoints. One alarming case in point would be the removal of former US President Donald Trump from the platform, for what the world has come to call ‘mean tweets’. Another glaring incident was the censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story ahead of the 2020 US election. Both incidents are only triggered by liberal world view and in fact Hunter Biden’s laptop contained damaging evidence that would have showed pay for play on the part of the Biden family in places like Ukraine, China and Russia – all illegal activity. But thankfully for the Democratic party, their trusted ally, Twitter, was there to cover up their crimes and window dress the extent of the Biden family corruption.
    Despite banning a US president, several dictators, terror organization leaders and other unsavoury characters continue to have unfettered access to Twitter to spew hatred, falsehoods and anti-American narratives. Elon Musk could change all that on day 1.
  2. Remove Pornography: Twitter continues to allow a myriad of pornographic content all over its platform. It is also the leading marketing site used by adult stars, both professional and amateur Onlyfans content creators to promote their smut online. This pornographic overload could easily have been tackled by Twitter at any time. However, it seems the company and its liberal overlords have some kind of vested interest in allowing pornographic content, especially LGBTQ content to be easily consumed on the platform. Probably some form of grooming for the young people who can easily access the content, as there are no parental controls or methods to stop the consumption of this lewd content by anyone with access to the app. Elon Musk could ensure that Twitter’s censors are put to good use by deleting pornography from the app, and bringing some mindfulness back into the way content is created and consumed on Twitter.
  3. Stop Cancel Culture Mob Mentality: Liberal agents routinely use Twitter to carry out cancel culture exercises on those with opposing viewpoints. A recent case in point is comedian, Dave Chapelle. After his recent Netflix comedy special, the LGBTQ+ members tried as much as possible to ensure Dave was ousted by Netflix and from public grace. However, Dave’s grace couldn’t be turned to disgrace and this caused a huge row on Twitter as the community lobbied on and on until they took their L and moved on. A similar scenario played out with J. K Rowling, female Harry Potter author and the community of recent. She also won, but the liberal left-owned Big Tech does not hide its hand when it comes to attempts to cancel individuals who have different viewpoints on lifestyle norms and gender ideals. Elon could help change the narrative, should he purchase Twitter and take it private.

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