33% of women go on dates for the free food – Female dating coach reveals


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A date is an appointment to meet up with someone, usually with the aim of exploring a romantic relationship.

Millions of men and women go on dates everyday, and many end up as romantic partners, become platonic friends, or just never see each other again.

Kamilla, a Men’s Dating Coach who boasts of over 200,000 social media followers and 20,000+ email subscribers, said that more than 33 percent of women go on dates just for the food.

“I just read a study how a third of women only go on dates with men because of the free food,” Kamilla tweeted via her verified Twitter handle: @thedatingboss.

“If a woman is wasting her and anyone’s time for a free meal, she’s pathetic. She needs to get a life,” she added.

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She also advised men on steps to take to avoid being a victim of such women.

“Screen women better. Is she gainfully employed or a bum? Ask what she does for a living,” Kamilla said.

According to the dating coach, any woman aggressively showing off her goods and assets on a dating app is most likely seeking to build her social media following, find a guy to use for meals and vacations, or both.

“If you’re dating for a relationship,” she said, “Make sure the women you’re interacting with via dating apps or social media are also looking for the same thing.

“If they’re just “dating around”, it’s possible she just wants a night out at your expense.

“If your objective is to have a fling, this might not be a bad thing. Even though she’s out to get a free date night out of you, maybe …you’re looking good, your game is on point, and the drinks are flowing that particular night. Who knows where it can lead.”

She added, “For guys seeking a relationship, see where her headspace is at. If she just got out of a relationship and hints that she’s not ready for any commitment, she could just be looking to go out for the hell of it.

“Also, determine if you have any commonalities. If you are complete opposites and downright disagree on a bunch of things, why does she want to go out with you at that point? Probably to kill time and try out that new restaurant you invited her to.”

Giving her ‘honest’ advice, Kamilla said, “Go out with everyone. You never know who you’ll meet or what kind of chemistry you’ll have until you spend a few hours with each other.

“If spending $100 is going to really affect you, don’t date. Get your money up until you get to the level where going on a few pointless dates once in a while isn’t the end of the world for you.”

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