Four Loaded Resource Guides For Single Moms

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Being a single parent is a challenging and nerve wracking experience. Being able to draw inspiration, ideas and blueprints from great resource guides and mentors is unparalleled in aiding the wellbeing of single moms.

So here are 10 brilliant resource guides for single moms:

  1. Get in on Amazon

    The world tells single moms they are destined for poverty, sacrifice and sacrifice. Instead, just like millions of women, you can torpedo this story and create your own wealthy life abundant with a meaningful, high-paying career, comfortable savings, and time to invest in a balanced life full of family, hobbies, friends, community and romance. This action-packed guide will jumpstart your desire to make the lifestyle and mindset changes to: Stop being BROKE! Get beyond MAKING ENDS MEET! Be DEBT-FREE! Enjoy the confidence that comes with a solid emergency fund! INVEST LIKE A PRO! Take your career and business to the next level! Create a positive, abundant money mindset to share with your kids! Feel IN CONTROL of your money! Travel, buy a house, start that business, and most of all: Feel confident about NOT BEING A BURDEN ON YOUR CHILDREN! 30-Day Kickass Single Mom Money Makeover: Get Your Financial Act Together, Finally and Forever!

  2. A kinder, more compassionate world starts with kind and compassionate kids. In Raising Good Humans, you’ll find powerful and practical strategies to break free from “reactive parenting” habits and raise kind, cooperative, and confident kids.

    Whether you’re running late for school, trying to get your child to eat their vegetables, or dealing with an epic meltdown in the checkout line at a grocery store—being a parent is hard work! And, as parents, many of us react in times of stress without thinking—often by yelling. But what if, instead of always reacting on autopilot, you could respond thoughtfully in those moments, keep your cool, and get from A to B on time and in one piece?

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    With this book, you’ll find powerful mindfulness skills for calming your own stress response when difficult emotions arise. You’ll also discover strategies for cultivating respectful communication, effective conflict resolution, and reflective listening. In the process, you’ll learn to examine your own unhelpful patterns and ingrained reactions that reflect the generational habits shaped by your parents, so you can break the cycle and respond to your children in more skillful ways.

  3. Being a single mom comes with a multitude of emotions: love, hope, joy, despair, confusion, anger, and pain. Where do we turn when these emotions reach the breaking point? What do we do, and how do we take the next step? We lean on God. But how, and what does that look like?
    Devotional for Single Moms
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    This devotional is your guide to finding peace when you feel alone. It is your guide to connecting God’s Scripture with your everyday life and learning to cast all your fears on Him because He wants to carry your burden. Allow me to lead you day to day as you learn to overcome everything with God as your leader and then begin living a life you love.

  4. Millions of single mothers find themselves in the difficult position of raising boys alone. Many of those boys are at risk of falling behind in school or repeating the patterns of their own absent or neglectful fathers. Single mothers, who are often the only parental influence on their sons, are critical to reversing this troubling trend. But how?

    You might be wounded by the broken promises of your child’s father. But God offers a greater promise to you and your family. Roland Warren, himself the child of a single mother, invites single moms on a journey not only to heal their hearts but also to parent their boys to become healthy men, good husbands, and strong fathers. He offers guidance and wisdom to moms who want to raise sons who will make and keep their commitments.

    Single Moms
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    Drawing from the Genesis story of Hagar and Ishmael, Warren shares insights and stories of how mothers can find healing and hope for their sons to become better men of character and action.

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