4 North Korean Vessels Carrying Banned Goods Barred From International Ports By UN


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On Thursday The UN Security Council barred 4 North Korean commodity carrying vessels from international port access under suspicions of carrying or having transported banned goods according to international sanctions directed at Pyongyang the capital and largest city in North Korea.

America forefronted The 4 vessels ban — the Ul Ji Bong 6 (Cargo ship), Rung Ra 2(cargo ship), Sam Jong 2 (oil/chemical tanker) and Rye Song Gang 1 (oil tanker) including restrictions aimed at ships registered in other countries, they stated on condition of anonymity.

This is following the meeting of the UN security council earlier in the month where they proposed to ban 10 ships including 2 Hong Kong-flagged vessels, for carrying banned cargo from North Korea.

Chinese diplomats state that China has only agreed to target the 4 North Korean ships, as part of the bid in an effort to repress Pyongyang’s missile and nuclear programs.

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