4 Year Old Has Limbs Amputated After Being Swung By His Ankles By Parents

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A baby held by the legs with his head pointing downwards and swung around by his parents has eventually had to have his legs amputated after suffering life-threatening bone fractures.

The jury believed that the 4 year old baby boy was assaulted by his parents so badly he had to have both legs amputated.

Tony Smith Junior was almost killed at the hands of his parents and who carried out what the jury believed was a string of ‘violent assaults’ on their son.

The infant was swung around and around his ankles injuring his legs and having life-changing injuries after the amputation.
He also suffered life-threatening septicaemia and a lot of other infections after his bones were broken in eight places in 2014.

On Friday Jody Simpson 24 years of age and Anthony Smith 46 years old, were both jailed for 10 years at Maidstone Crown Court on Friday.

Though they both denied the charges of causing or allowing serious physical harm to a child and cruelty, the jury only took one hour to find them guilty.

Both already have numerous previous convictions.

The boy’s parents delayed taking their son to the doctor for nine hours because they were waiting for a plumber to fix a broken boiler.

When they arrived at the hospital, the boy was severely ill, with his eyes closed and his lower limbs hard and swollen.

After being admitted to intensive care, Tony was saved but faces a lifetime of disability.

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