57 Chibok Girls Sighted in Cameroon – Parents


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Parents of the abducted Chibok school girls told a Nigerian Newspaper, Daily Trust on Sunday that 57 seven of the girls abducted by Boko haram were sighted in Cameroonian villages recently.

According to the parents, the girls were seen by other female captives who had been kept in the same locations as the girls in two villages in Northern Cameroon according to the Chairman of Chibok Girls Parents Association, Yakubu Nkenke.

According to the Nkenke, they got the information from several girls who escaped their Boko haram captors and returned to their village near Chibok.

He said the information received revealed that the the 57 girls were broken into two groups and held in Garin Magaji and Garin Mallam villages located in Marwa in northern Cameroon.

He reveled further that all the girls had been married off to Boko Haram fighters across the border with many of them having given birth to children already.

“Some of the captives escaped from the villages and spent months in military facility in Bama, where they were screened before they were finally released. One of them told us she met many of our abducted girls in two Cameroonian villages.

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Seven of the abducted Chibok girls are living in Garin Magaji, while 50 others are held in Garin Mallam where they live with their husbands and children,” he disclosed

He further revealed that the identity of the 57 were confirmed from the testimonies from parents as well as records in the association’s register which matched the names of the girls mentioned by the escapees.

The association chairman used the opportunity to call on Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari to work in Tandem with Paul Biya of Cameroon to rescue the girls just like he promised in his campaign speeched before the 2015 general elections.

Nkenke said he believed the military knew the whereabouts of the girls when they screened the escapees in Bama about five months ago.

The Chibok leader noted that the information had thrown Chibok community into confusion and grief as parents expected the authorities to swing into action.

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