7 things you can do with an old Android phone

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Use it as a dedicated e-reader

If you want a distraction-free reading environment for your next business trip or public transit commute then load up your old Android phone with only the  apps you  need for reading – Google Play Books, Amazon Kindle, Scribd, Nook, Wattpad are examples of a myriad of reading apps you can load onto your old Android phone to convert it into a mobile “Library of Congress”

Be sure to disable notifications or maybe go into “Airplane” mode altogether. Remember what you want is a distraction free time to read while still not disconnected from the world on your main device.

Turn it into a kid-friendly learning tool

Your old tablet may seem a bore to you but its still top-notch tech to toddlers so before you consider “ditching” it why not turn it into and educational fun playground for your kids or any kid around for that matter.

On tablets with Android 4.3 or higher, you can find a native Restricted Profile feature right within the operating system: Just head into the system settings, tap “Users” (or “Users & accounts” and then “Users,” depending on your OS version), and then “Add user or profile.”

Select the option to add a restricted profile. You’ll be prompted to enable or disable access to each app installed on the tablet, allowing you to control exactly what processes your children will and won’t be able to use.

If your old device has Android 7.0 or higher (or Android 6.0, on a small number of models), Google’s Family Link program can give you even more robust controls — including the abilities to set screen-time limits and receive weekly activity reports. You can learn more and sign up at the Family Link website.

Let it serve as a high tech clock for your office desk

An old phone with a dock can make for a great customizable clock for your desk or night stand. You can even set alarms and let it be your personal wake-up alarm for those days you have to drag yourself out of bed. Using an old Android phone in this way allows you to conserve battery on your main phone if you are the type that can afford to turn off your phone all night long.

Google’s own Clock app is a great place to start, especially if you want to use the clock for alarms. Look for the “Screensaver” option in the Display section of your system settings to make it automatically activate anytime your device is plugged in.

Convert it into a gaming device for your downtime

All work without play makes jack a dull boy. It is good to unwind from time to time. As a matter of fact, it is a healthy  practice and very progressive too. There are a host of addictive and less addictive games you can load up on your old phone to fill up that time you are waiting on a call or stuck in traffic or whatever else creates idle time for you.

Be aware though, some games will require internet connection and yet others will require in-game purchases for optimal experience. I don’t pay in game I just take what I can get but I guess that’s up to you.

Keep it handy for emergencies

Any cell phone can make emergency calls, even if it’s not connected to active service. Keep an old phone charged and in your car or travel bag; if something bad happens and your active phone is either dead or unavailable, you’ll still have a way to get through to 767 or 112 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Sell it

If your old phone is not damaged and rendered valueless or just too old, the you can sell it and make some change off it.

Donate it

If you’re feeling philanthropic, find a local channel through which you can donate your phone to charity and just do it.


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