7 Things You Did Not Realise You Were Wasting Money On


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We love a good spend as much as the next shopaholic, but there are some things we splash out on that we simply don’t need. If you’re feeling frugal, you may want to consider cutting the following money-wasters out of your life:

1. Your nails

If you love sexy talons or smart and primly polished nails you may need to do a DIY job to save money. Salons charge lots of money for a relatively simple accessory and with some practise you can get the look you want for less. If you want a professional look buy a book that gives you a step-by-step guide to nail art.

2. Eating out

It can be so easy to nip out to your favourite restaurant or call up your local take out and relax whilst others do the hard work. Remember though that eating out costs a small fortune and can easily hike up your bills. To save, prepare a batch of meals you love eating on your day off and freeze them. Then when you’re hungry just pop one of your healthier meals in the oven for fast and cheap dining.

3. Drinking

Without realising it, drinking can easily become a part of all of our lives. We pick up a bottle of red on the way home or go for one or two cocktails after work; but remember it adds up.

4. Cheap items

We tend to think we’re saving money when we reach for the cheapest shoes instead of splurging on the unnecessarily expensive ones, but this isn’t always the case. Cheap items usually reflect their quality and it works out a whole lot cheaper in the long-run if you buy better quality items.  Don’t steer clear of all cheap items forever; own brand products in your local shop are usually a similar item but in less fancy packaging so it makes sense to buy the cheaper one. Do bear in mind though that expensive products such as televisions, tools, clothes, and accessories are priced higher because they’ll last longer.



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