7 Things You Should Not Have In Your Apartment

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1. A mattress without any kind of bed frame

You’re an adult now. Unless you’re in some temporary or perilous financial situation, you should have something to put your bed on. There’s no way to get around it, and no amount of cleverness is going to make it look acceptable.

Get a real bed.

2. Sports-themed bed sheets
When your bedroom could conceivably be confused with a 10-year-old’s, you’re playing a dangerous game

3. Multicolored Christmas lights as decor
Your apartment is neither a Christmas tree nor a tiki bar. Let that dream die.

4. A gaming console command station

Growing older doesn’t mean abandoning your interest in video games, but it does mean ditching the “Breakroom at GameStop” vibes.

5. Easily replaced broken items

There are zero reasons to keep that that sh*tty old busted mug in the cupboard. Zero. Same goes for any and all pieces of furniture held together with duct tape, or worse, electric tape. Have a little self-respect.

6. Unframed posters on the wall

It’s great that you think a particular album is a masterpiece, but a wrinkly unframed poster taped to your wall doesn’t need to say that for you.

While it’s a popular substitute for art that actually looks nice, you’re better off just leaving the walls bare.

7. Any kind of fake plant or greenery

Fake plants seem like a great idea — no maintenance required, and you still get a little bit of greenery in your living space.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing more disappointing to anyone visiting your apartment than touching a plant and finding out it’s fake. Avoid that fake out and look into real, low-maintenance plants that won’t be hard to keep alive.


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